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There is hope and healing after abuse and this podcast was created specifically with that purpose in mind.  We interview experts in the field of abuse, abuse survivors, therapists, authors, and many more.  We take a deep dive into their stories and thoughts and bring a unique approach to healing. 

May 6, 2022

Brenda J and Karen W interview Dawn Hopkins, a Co- Author of Lemonade Stand 2 and Founder of Inspiritus Yoga Holistic Wellness and Training Centers. Dawn tells a little of her background story and how it led to a life changing near death experience that she clearly remembers. She explains Christ-Centered Yoga and its benefits, Psoas Trauma Release, Deep Breathing, and the science behind the full mind, body, spirit healing. Extremely educational and Part 2, Dawn actually teaches Brenda and Karen some trauma releasing, deep breathing exercises that the three do together. Please join us!